ShopAround Chicago: Meet the Minds Behind Stache & Hyde

| Mobolaji Akintunde

By: Sean K.

Sean: Tell me a bit about the concept of the StacheBook™.

S&H - StacheBook™ is a book designed to discreetly store and transport your iPad while also expressing your personality and sense of style. 


Sean: How did the idea for it begin to develop?

S&H - When we got our iPad 2s, we searched for a long time for stylish cases which also served the purpose of camouflaging them while we rode the train or carried them in other public places. We couldn't find anything that fit the bill and decided to make our own out of old cookbooks we bought at a thrift store. What we found over the course of the following year was that people loved the concept and that we weren't the only two looking for an alternative to the current tablet cases available in the market.


Sean: The name of the company is quite thoughtful. How did it come about?

S&H -It was a process actually. The company name started off as just "Stache" -- a play on mustache and the idea of the iPad being "right under your nose," as well as being disguised (imagine those glasses with the nose and mustache attached) and stowed (stashed) away. Shortly after that, we learned of a company that makes cases for tablets and laptops by the name of Stash. So, to avoid confusion in the market, we sought after another name.  We  began to play with the word "hyde" - a play on "hide" and an ode to Hyde Park, the Southside Chicago neighborhood where we spent our college years, and where we first met. We liked it, but we still felt that something was missing. After several days of brainstorming, we discovered it. How about Stache AND Hyde? The rest was history.


Sean: What differentiates the StacheBook™ from all other IPad cases?

S&H - StacheBook™ is an actual book rather than a case made to look like a book. The pages are made of paper, rather than using a wooden, plastic, or foam cradle, and there are no zippers, latches, or hooks. An endsheet has been incorporated into the design, just like regular books, and the signatures (the lines seen between the pages of books) are clearly visible . The size was carefully chosen to be that of a standard book, rather than sizing it to the tablet inside. It owns a S&H signature red bookmark designed for easy removal. And most importantly, and unlike other cases, the StacheBook™ is comes in different fabrics and materials to match with your fashion style.  StacheBooks™ are handmade locally at a Chicago-based bookbindery with over 60 years in bookbinding experience and expertise.


Sean: I noticed that it has no speaker vents or headphone portal. Was that intentional?

S&H -Yes, our intention is to bring it back to basics. We are bringing the true experience of holding and toting a book back to the iPad user. Just by looking at the book, one would never suspect an iPad lives in it - the ultimate theft prevention. 


Sean: Congrats on being housed in Sir & Madame. Where else can we get our hand on a Stache Book other than there?

S&H - MartinPatrick3 (Minneapolis), The Silver Room (Chicago), Haberdash (Chicago) - coming March 2013.  And you can find us online at and


Sean: Before creating the StacheBook™, you both were doing what business wise?

S&H - Mobolaji is a brand/marketing consultant and Sofia is a full time family physician.  Together we promote good health :)


Sean: Where are you both from?

S&H - We were both born and raised in Chicago. Mobolaji is of Nigerian descent and Sofia is of Egyptian descent.  Africa runs in our blood.


Sean: Take us into the future of Stache & Hyde 5 years. What products do you think will need to be Stached?

S&H - In 5 years, Stache & Hyde will be well known worldwide for its innovative concepts and designs.  We will be unveiling StacheBooks™ for other tablets soon. Beyond that, expect to see unique bespoke travel goods and accessories in the near future.

Go get yourself "Stached Up" and tell 'em ShopAround Chicago sent ya!

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