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| Mobolaji Akintunde

By: Kiah 

We’re going back to the books. Literally. StacheBook is the ultimate iPad case. But it is far from just a case. Disguised as a book, StacheBook owners can be sure their iPad is safe from theft and damage, while still managing to stand out fashionably. Mobolaji Akintunde and Sofia Adawy, creators of the StacheBook, spoke with me to answer a few questions on the unique design of their creation.

Where the Idea Originated

When Mobolaji and Sofia first got their iPads, they wanted something “fresh” to protect it. Spending every single day on the L train in the rougher parts of Chicago, Mobolaji is the first to attest to needing functionality to insure his iPad is protected from theft. After hours on various online sites, as well as visits to the Apple Store, there were plenty of “cool cases” but they weren’t “it.”

Sofia describes herself as a DIY person, so with finished, unfinished and planned projects, there are always plenty of fabrics and materials around her workplace. After revisiting the old books a friend had given Sofia to use as art projects, she decided to cut into them to create a new spin on the “hideaway book.” “We can put our iPad in a book!” was Sofia’s excited exclamation, one Mobolaji originally thought was a joke. But after seeing how the books were cut perfectly to encase the iPads, Mobolaji was just as thrilled as Sofia. They both decorated the books with fabric to fit their personal style and finished them off with what is now the StacheBook’s signature red ribbon that what originally just for functionality. Since the iPad is snugly fitted in the book, the red ribbon lies underneath the iPad so when the ribbon is pulled, the iPad is lifted out.

Bigger and Better

Mobolaji and Sofia used their homemade StacheBooks everyday, everywhere, never failing to leave people in awe, asking questions. Mobolaji explains how the number one question asked was “did you make that?” After several approaches from people requesting StacheBooks, Mobolaji and Sofia decided it would be best to get in touch with a book binder and printer, since DIY-ing it (cutting, glueing and designing) was a several day process.

So now the StacheBooks are handmade at a experienced bookbindery and leave out what other “bookcases” leave in: bamboo trays, foam cradles, and big zippers not only crack, break and tear, but also take away from the look of an actual book. In addition to a water resistant cover, StacheBook has a “bound spine and [an included] endsheetjust like an actual book” because after all, the point is to “blend in while standing out.” Prevent theft, yet promote fashion. The fashion and originality are left for the cover. Every season, the fabrics and designs will change to be applicable to the fashion of that season. For example, the upcoming winter/holiday season will feature covers in plaid, tweed and weathered leathers. In fact, Mobolaji and Sofia have plenty of ideas for prints, but they need some help to get the ball rolling.

The Final To-Dos

A crowdfunded project, StacheBook has a few needs to finalize the product and bring it home to users like you and I. Featured on Kickstarter with a deadline of November 3, as of this writing, StacheBook has 54 backers (donors) and a goal of $30,000. Donations will cover the costs of “tooling and development, minimum order quantities, trademarks and patents and product enhancements.” After the finale of Kickstarter, Stache & Hyde (the mother website for StacheBook) is scheduled to launch. In addition, owners from boutiques in numerous places in Chicago, San Francisco and even overseas have expressed interest in carrying the StacheBook. A seemingly successful product means a worthwhile donation. Here’s Mobolaji and Sofia’s crowdfunding platform on Kickstarter.

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