The Shuuk: Meet The Entrepreneurs

| Mobolaji Akintunde

By: Tamara Kleinberg

Fav Food: 
Mo: soul food.  
Sofia: Italian
Both: We both enjoy good Creme Brulee

Biggest Challenge: 
Mo: Finding a job where I am not turned down for being overqualified.
Sofia: Finding time to live the healthy lifestyle that I teach my patients everyday.

Embarrassing Hobby:
Both: Watching Project Runway

Secret TV indulgence:
Sofia: My Fair Wedding with David Tutera
Mo: House of Lies

What inspired you to become an innovator?
Mo: The opportunity to create a brand.
Sofia: Fulfilling on an unmet need.

What gets your creative juices flowing?
Mo: Great showers, 
Sofia: Those 90′s R&B hits (yes, I am a sucker for VH1 Soul)

Biggest failure or mistake?
Mo: Passing up the opportunity to manage a rockstar right before he made it big. (guess who) 
Sofia: Not managing my money well when I was a student.

Why do you love your product?
Both: Because we love to see people’s reaction when they realize that its not a book, and we enjoy all the new people we’ve met because of all the conversation it sparks.

What advice do you have for aspiring innovators?
Mo: Just listen because the answer comes from the most unexpected places.  
Sofia: Make sure you have a solid team from the very beginning.

What’s the one thing everyone should know about you?
Sofia: We both hoard journals because we don’t want them to run out.
Mo: I own over 80 pairs of sneakers and I only wear five of them consistently.

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