Fashion Citizen Find: StacheBook by Stache & Hyde Chicago

| Mobolaji Akintunde

In the realm of iPad cases, there is a design for just about every type of person you can imagine. You'd think that no one could come along and make an imprint in the market right? Well you'd be wrong. In comes the designs of Stache & Hyde Chicago, aptly called the StacheBook. Stache & Hyde is a luxury travel goods and accessories brand founded by Sofia Adawy and Mobolaji Akintunde as an expression of their fashion-forward and tech-savvy cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The cases are much more than just something to hold our iPad, they create an astute feel and allow one to feel a bit of class carrying around an iPad all the time. With material choices ranging from woven chocolate leather to tweed and even the inclusion of a multi colored chevron pattern, there is something for everyone here.

But wait, there is more...the shape of the StacheBook resembles a book with a scarlet red bookmark marking your page. The "bookmark" is the tool that allows you to remove the iPad from the case, if need be. Function as well as style at Stache & Hyde, we certainly approve of that.

Prices range from $95 to about $125 currently, these would make a perfect gift for the stylish tech guru in your family. You can find more information about Stachebook here.

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