We dFINEitely Support Youth Education

| Mobolaji Akintunde

Thank you to dFINE & Co. for allowing Stache & Hyde to support its youth education initiatives.  

dFINE & Co., a Toronto-based 501(c)3 committed to causing a world that works in the spirit of harmony and the betterment of the human race, hosted an adventure dFINEing race (yes, literally a race) throughout the summer that ended on Saturday August 23rd to raise funds in support of its initiative, The Future of Bosnia.  

In partnership with the Bosnia Foundation, dFINE & Co. is impacting the Future of Bosnia by raising money that will help the orphaned and marginalized youth develop confidence, and career and life skills. The youth will be provided with job training, internships, and mentoring that will leave them enlivened, enriched and open to a world of possibilities. This will allow them to gain freedom from the vicious cycle of suppression, the freedom to forgive, to really listen and be listened to, and to create a new future full of abundance and love without any compromise or animosity – impacting and creating a whole new future of empowered leaders for The Future of Bosnia.

For more on dFINE & Co. and its Future of Bosnia initiative please visit http://www.dfineandco.com.

To see the winners of the dFINEing Race visit dFine & Co. on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dfineandco.

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